Understanding horse behavior and core balance on and around horses are the integral part of my philosophy of how to get extraordinary results with horses in all that we do. This is what sets me apart as a unique teacher and coach as these things are commonly left out.
Understanding Horse Behavior:
All knowledge and skills taught at Horseman’s Hangout are built around this critical  topic. Happy, content, and well cared for horses can give you years of enjoyment and a wonderful partnership, if taught properly. Horses have every desire to please when their needs are met.
Finding Core Balance:
Understanding and working with the physics of gravity buy finding your core strength and balance in movement on and around horses.



12/20/2014 1:13pm

Great comments, Marcia. Can you explain in further detail on finding connection between horse and rider?

07/13/2016 10:26pm

This is a very under appreciated aspect of horse riding. The horse-rider relationship and chemistry can really make or break derby races. I think there should be more training of connecting with the rider's commands and the horse's response. Its great to see there are experts out there who had specialized in horse riding for years. Thank you for bringing this aspect into light.

Brittmarie Wallberg
02/11/2015 11:31pm

wonderful philosophy
it's just this Iwant for my grandchild and i hope she will have the opportunity to learn.
I will gladly return to see what it takes to give her your skills

04/12/2015 9:04am

You know, i have never thought in such direction! Thanks for the idea

10/30/2015 9:39pm

Behavior is a very important function not only for humans, but also for animals such as horses. That is why people are attracted to behavioral sciences. As the systematic investigation and analysis of animal and human behaviour, students and scientists who focus on behavioral sciences use naturalistic and controlled scientific and observed analysis.

06/24/2016 3:11am

yeah, me too.

06/26/2015 8:28pm

This is what sets me apart as a unique teacher and coach as these things are commonly left out....

07/07/2015 1:24am

It makes good sense not to get ahead of ourselves so that we don't get overwhelmed. Most times, there is good wisdom in not putting the cart before the horse and yet, sometimes it just might be the only thing you can do.

08/13/2015 7:30am

Yes horses are amazingly beautiful and sensitive creatures. Horses require not only understanding and patience to have a horse as a pet, it also requires a whole lot of care.


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01/05/2016 11:06pm

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03/12/2016 9:49am

Thanks, I'll try to find core balance with your advices!

03/26/2016 12:26am

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05/04/2016 10:05pm

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05/11/2016 8:06pm

Reducing Social Anxiety Without Medication: Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy


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04/11/2017 1:07am

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04/24/2017 3:18am

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05/10/2017 5:21am

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