Understanding horse behavior and core balance on and around horses are the integral part of my philosophy of how to get extraordinary results with horses in all that we do. This is what sets me apart as a unique teacher and coach as these things are commonly left out.
Understanding Horse Behavior:
All knowledge and skills taught at Horseman’s Hangout are built around this critical  topic. Happy, content, and well cared for horses can give you years of enjoyment and a wonderful partnership, if taught properly. Horses have every desire to please when their needs are met.
Finding Core Balance:
Understanding and working with the physics of gravity buy finding your core strength and balance in movement on and around horses.


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    Marcia Nelson

    Marcia has been honing skills from childhood in the field of horses. She has spent years studying with some of the best in the industry. She mentored and trained under Peggy Cummings for many years and received her practitioners certification from her numerous years ago. Marcia continues to extensively use and teach the principles and tools of the Connected Riding Trade. This blog page is dear to Marcia as she strives to continually learn and share her philosophy of horsemanship. This interactive blog page allows you to read and comment on Marcia's knowledge and thoughts on horsemanship.


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